Victory And Defeat


When Barack Obama took Iowa I served as a precinct captain for the Obama campaign and it was an awesome experience. It was amazing for me to see so many white people show up and support a black man, who only 30 years ago, would have drawn that type of crowd at his lynching.

Although the atmosphere was electric, and as we settle into his presidency, let us not forget what was lost in his victory, let us not forget who was lost fighting for this victory and most importantly, let us not forget that the battle is not yet over. We will lose more than we gain sometimes in this life, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't reach further than our grasp.

I took my children to the caucus with me that cold night and they were a part of the campaign from the beginning. They canvassed, made phone calls and they helped me count participants at the caucus. They led the Obama chants and felt inspired by our victory here in Iowa. My son got to see a black man win in a place where he expects no one to look like. As a mother, sister, aunt, friend of a black man, how do you not get excited about a black man in the White House.

I am not using this blog as an endorsement of Obama’s politics, but as a battle cry to our sons, brothers, fathers and uncles. Barack has helped to restore a hope and a hunger for change in this country, but most of all he has inspired our sons to be proud of themselves and aspire to be more.

Harry Truman once said that in reading about the lives of great men, he found that the first victory they won was over themselves . . . self-discipline with all of them came first.

Resolve to be victorious and start with yourself. Until next time, stay strong, smart and powerful.




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