I couldn't ignore the Laurence Fishburn debacle. Every site I visit is talking about his daughter's decision to release a sex tape. I read a few of the comments and was shocked at what I saw and thought Ok, here is another opportunity for the village to help raise the child. Instead we do what “we” always do. . .tear the child down. She’s a know-it-all twenty-something who thinks she’s making a career move because it worked for Paris Hilton and the Kardashian sisters. Although I love brotha Fishburn, he’s not of the social elite and Fishburn just doesn’t carry the same financial weight as Kardashian or Hilton; thus the consequences are very different as well. Lucky for her, people have short memories and soon we’ll be on to the next baby daddy/mamma, who came out the closet, who got married/cheated drama of the day.

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